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Status Steam: Nieznany

My own custom Mumble overlay (v1.1)


I was trying to get Qun’s custom mumble overlay that He was using in His POV’s.
I liked that overlay so much, so I was trying to get it.
Links in his official video were dead. All unofficial links also were dead.
So I decided to make my own mumble overlay stylized on Qun’s one.



  1. Download this zip archive (contains font and overlay files) and extract it somewhere
  2. Install font (big_noodle_titling.ttf) in your system - click here if you dont know how
  3. Then run Mumble
  4. Go to Options → Overlay
  5. Load overlay file (avaray_v1.1.mumblelay)
  6. Done!

Additional informations

  • You need to run Mumble before running a game
  • If font in overlay looks ugly that means you need to have Administrator rights on your OS account
  • If font in overlay still looks ugly you need to set mat_antialias in your config at least on 4
  • If you dont see Mumble overlay, try to give Administrator rights for HL2.exe and Mumble.exe files
  • If you dont see Mumble overlay in other games, try to run game with DX9 (Mumble overlay is not working with DX10, DX11)
  • If you dont see Mumble overlay in Origin games, you need to run Origin with Administrator rights